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Getting Started

Below are the steps on how to get started with Work Map. 

Step 1

Sign up here

If this is your first time signing up, click on the Sign up link shown below:


Step 2

An email from will be sent to your email address.

Click the Confirm my account link.


Step 3

Log into Work Map with your email and password.


Step 4

I want to create a new organization

If you want to create a new organization, click the "CREATE NEW ORGANIZATION" button that appears right after your first login.

I want to join an existing organization

If you want to join an existing organization, an admin from the organization must invite you.

They can do that by going to Admin > Organization Settings, shown below:

Then click on "Users":

Then click on the floating plus button at the bottom right of the screen.

This will prompt them for your email address, and nothing more.

Once you have been invited to the organization, an email will be sent to you.

You may either click on the link in your email, or just log in to Work Map at that point.


Step 5

Explore! Work Map is built to be simplistic, but configurable enough to meet your organization's needs.

Link to our documentation is here.


Step 6

Reach out to us here, if you have any questions!

We hope you have a great experience.

Further reading

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